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Duel Cup #3 Results! written by Amp, 2010-02-14 08:09 CET (14 comments)

And the results are in! After a long night that almost didn't happen, our first repeat winner and even more evidence that Quake America is as much an endurance test as anything else, we have your podium for Quake America Duel Cup #3:

1st Place: Eddie T. "km Rey" J.
2nd Place: JUDGE717
3rd Place: Jeff "dCoy" Zachary

Special mention goes out to Clan Knightmare who have been putting out great showings every single tournament, with most of the top 8 being filled by their players each week consistently, and congratulations to km Rey who is our first ever repeat winner tonight.

And with that, a quick announcement that as of tonight, Quake America will be taking a one week hiatus to both reseat ourselves in our new website, and allow a chance for Silent Gamers to run their charity Pro-Am. So look forward to more annoucements coming soon! Thank you all for playing and/or watching!

Duel Cup #2 Results! written by Amp, 2010-02-07 09:05 CET (5 comments)

After a night filled with great frags, amazing comebacks, coverage provided by QuakeLive.tv, and what could very well be the setting of an amazing new precedent, the final results for the Quake America Duel Cup #2 are in:

1st Place: Walter Outlaw
2nd Place: Eddie T. "km Rey" J.
3rd Place: Alex "km Karabas" Kravchenko

Contratulations to all our champions tonight, and look forward to Cup #3 happening soon.

Major Rule Change written by Amp, 2010-02-05 22:58 CET (12 comments)

Please see our Tournament Seeding System [quakeamerica.tourney.cc] page to see how it works now.

Abridged: Players will be given a seed block, rather than a numerical ranking. Seeds will be made public. If you get matched up with someone from the same block, coin flip determines who gets first map pick. Coin flips can be done by the Quake America IRC bot: QNAServ by typing .coin in the channel.
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